Site Security Certified

Comodo Positive SSL CertificateMagic Dragon Hosting.Com uses a SSL Security Certificate provided by Comodo. All Comodo SSL certificate services include a limited Warranty to provide extra assurance that our site is safe to conduct online business. This Warranty is payable to site visitors who rely on the Comodo SSL certificate and who incur losses resulting directly from an online credit card transaction as a result of a mis-issued Comodo SSL certificate. This Warranty is only payable if the transaction involved an amount no greater than $1,000 and the aggregate warranty amount paid out for this SSL certificate (the "Payment Limit") is $10,000.


Address Bar Verified

Security Verified by Address Bar URLA padlock and the URL is your sign of security. If you click on the padlock image in the address bar, you can access a verification message to confirm that "Your connection to this website is encrypted to prevent eavesdropping". Further information about the site and the security certificate is available by clicking on the "More Information" button on this message.


256 Bit Encryption

256 Bit Encrypyion is Available on All Modern BrowsersSecure, 256-bit encryption is available for all modern browsers, and 128 bit encryption for older browsers. The encryption level refers to the number of bits used to generate the encryption key. Our certificate supports up to 256-bit encryption. That is, if your browser supports 256-bit encryption, then the encryption key for the SSL session would be 256. If 256-bit encryption is not supported by your browser, the SSL session would be 128-bit.

SSL and a Secure Certificate provides security on our website by encrypting communications between the server and you, the user, when visiting Magic Dragon Hosting.