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Information about our Mission, Values and Vision

About Magic Dragon Hosting

Magic Dragon Hosting was established in 2009, as a new player in Asia’s web hosting market. This service is privately owned by an Australian expat, living and working in China, with hosting data centre resources located in the USA. Our market focus is on clients, throughout Asia and the Pacific area, who want a reliable and inexpensive service for blogging, brochure sites, e-commerce, or community purposes.

Mission, Values and Vision of Magic Dragon Hosting

Our Mission:

To provide the best available hosting service at the most economical rates for clients who value their data being stored in a highly secure environment.

Our Values:

To ensure our clients are serviced promptly, efficiently and courteously regardless of their hosting plan.

Our Vision:

To attract a growing number of clients through an impeccable reputation, and develop a service that becomes a highly respected enterprise in the Asia and Pacific region.

Our Commitment to the Environment:

Magic Dragon Hosting is concerned about global carbon emissions. In a commitment to providing a green hosting solution, all the servers we use are powered by wind energy. By ensuring they're run by purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (REC's), we are doing our bit to protect the environment.

Ownership and Resource Locations

This is an enterprise owned and operated by an Australian expatriate and staff, located in Haikou, Hainan Province of the People's Republic of China, with web hosting resources, email and website data located in the USA.

The advantages of this organisational structure are as follows:

  • The values of Australian competancy, reliability and honesty operating within an economy that allows the best commercial rates to be offered to clients.
  • Availability of one of the world's finest data centre services, with state-of-the-art cooling, power, security and safety systems. This ensures an uninterrupted service.
  • Network performance commensurate with the latest hardware technology available.
  • Data security ensured by 24/7 monitoring of the facility to ensure that potential issues are resolved before they become serious.

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